Mahjong Connect HD

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Mahjong Connect HD is an innovative puzzle game that brings the classic Chinese board game to the next level. The game requires players to remove all the stones from the board by matching two. The game features beautiful and polished graphics with a cool soundtrack. There are 12 challenge levels to match through, and players can try to clear the board as fast as possible in order to beat the highest score. The game also features an increasingly tricky series of tile layouts, and players can ask for a hint if they get stuck.

In Mahjong Connect HD, you are presented with a grid of meticulously designed tiles, adorned with traditional symbols and captivating patterns. In Mahjong Connect HD, you are presented with a grid of Mahjong tiles arranged in various patterns. The objective is to remove all the tiles from the board by connecting pairs of matching tiles with a line that can make no more than two turns. However, the line connecting the tiles cannot intersect with other tiles or obstacles along its path.


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