Dusty Maze Hunter

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Dusty Maze Hunter is a puzzle game that involves navigating a series of mazes to collect dust. Players strategize their steps to collect all the dust while solving puzzles and employing strategic gameplay. The game features a distinctive maze adventure, and players move a character named Dusty around the maze to achieve the objective. It is tailored for puzzle enthusiasts and casual gamers, offering an engaging experience with user-friendly mechanics.
Are you prepared to unleash your strategy and triumph over the dust? The maze adventure awaits!

To play the game, follow these simple steps:
1. Strategize your steps to collect all the dust.
2. Swipe in the desired direction to move your character.
3. Collect all the room's dust in the fewest steps.

Plan your moves strategically to save energy, earn extra coins, and put your skills to the test!


Puzzle Strategy

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